About Us
Out-of-the-box strategies to help you grow your brand!


Vinay is a visionary growth strategist who combines solid business principles with creativity and imagination to develop innovative growth solutions for founders, business owners and CEOs. He has a vast management consulting and executive experience of over 15 years in the USA and India. Vinay conducts strategic planning retreats, innovative design workshops, vision discovery sessions, culture redesign workshops, service design workshops and game based learning events covering a broad range of business topics. He is skilled at designing games that help to drive home business lessons for attendees in a way boring lectures and powerpoint presentations simply cannot! In fact, he can show you how playing games is serious business!

Vinay promises to make every event, workshop or talk, fun, entertaining, interactive and full of valuable business lessons you can use instantly to grow your business!

Over the past 10 years the ALCHMI team has assisted small and mid-size companies across industries with strategic advisory, corporate renewal and turnaround management, marketing strategy and market expansion.

  • Our prior experience includes managing mid-sized transportation, logistics and manufacturing businesses as well as working for high-tech companies in India and the US in various roles.

  • Our consulting experience spans multiple industries including healthcare, retail, publishing, manufacturing, transportation & logistics and education.

  • Members of our team have between have bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Business Management (MBA), Marketing, Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.