Helping you make your brand more valuable!

Alchemy has been known as the mysterious process of converting base metal into Gold. At Alchmi we have processes for removing the mystery from growth and help average performing businesses transform into high growth companies. We are a group of passionate business alchemists who love helping small and medium sized businesses dream big and achieve their dreams! ALCHMI enables business clarity, focus and operational details for the efficient functioning of small and medium sized businesses. We do it by insightfully and innovatively understanding the drivers and nuances of the business. Our methodology is very collaborative with the company owners and executives, listening carefully to their issues and opportunities. Our success stories show that we are able to significantly improve productivity and reduce the cost of operations while identifying massive growth opportunities in adjacent segments.

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Corporate Strategy

No matter where you are in your growth cycle, we can help you identify practical, sustainable strategies for business growth.

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Market Research, Branding, Design & PR

In the end everything you do in business should be directed towards nurturing and growing your brand. We are here to make sure your brand becomes valuable.

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Strategic Marketing

You need to have a marketing engine for long-term growth built on solid strategic marketing fundamentals and clever, creative, out-of-the-box ideas. We can build that engine for you.

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Strategies are great, but execution is where the rubber meets the road. Most great corporate strategies never see the light of the day. Allow us to help you avoid that fate. Let's work on your growth together.

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